DJ BamBam’s Vintage TB-303

Dj Bam Bam

Dj Bam Bam’s TB-303, signed by Marshall Jefferson. Buy now on eBay for $6,000 USD

I sold my turntables more than a year ago, but for some reason, it was really hard to part with the mixer. Granted, it was a Vestax PMC 46 rotary analog mixer that bought new for $1,100 cash, but what good was it by itself? None. So I started asking friends if they were interested, with hopes of keeping it “in the family”, but with no luck, I turned to eBay. It sold for $475 to a buyer in Berlin. The hoarder inside of me was incapable of shipping it in its original box which is still in my closet, empty. This morning, when I came across BamBam’s TB-303 signed by Marshall Jefferson on eBay, I was instantly cured of my tendencies. Until I saw the $6,000 price tag.

English: TB303 front view

English: TB303 front view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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